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Re: [K12OSN] Given this situation, why bother continue with LTSP?

I agree completely. I have worked with Linux for 5 years in every flavor you can name (including many that are not around now). I have been a Network Administrator for 4 years in a Windows Dominated 'dual' network (staff functions on one side and public functions on another). Over the past 3 years the budget has been such that it continues to go down while the demand for services increase by about 30% per year. I introduced Linux servers to take advantage of the older hardware I had laying around and get a handle on cost (can't beet FREE). My public side runs a Linux router, firewall, 2 virtual CD servers to provide children's games to remote systems (I priced this at $10,000 each server using MS products AND limited to 20 virtual drives...using Linux I have 2 servers, 1 and 80 virtual drives and the other with 175 virtual drives. Using the MS solutions that's 13 servers at a cost of over $130,000(!)..gee...it only cost me $3,500 for each server and these funds came from a gift and Fedora freebie!), I am also running a Linux Instant messenger server for staff, chat server for staff (across 5 separate buildings), network intrusion monitor systems, SAMBA domain controller and global catalog, Squid proxy server and I have also worked with a network CD burning system and ...well you get my point!

While some of my systems are TIED to MS servers I figure over the past 4 years I have saved over $250,000 using Linux...Oh, I forgot...Linux isn't a real computer systems that can be used in the real world....sorry-

MCP, MCP+I, MCSE(NT4), MCSE(w2k), MCSA, Network+, i-Net+, Server+, A+, NTCIP, Linux+
(as you can see I do have a dog in this hunt!)

Rob Owens wrote:
2 more comments:

1)  If the parents think the children are being
somehow handicapped by using Linux, they should be
shown some of the articles I've seen on the internet
about the salaries of Linux admins vs. Windows admins.

2)  The basics of Linux do not change much.  Since I
started learning how Linux works about a year and a
half ago, I truly feel that I am learning valuable
information.  More and more I feel that any time I
spend to learn something in Windows is a waste of my
time.  This is because every release of Windows does
something a little bit differently.  I have had
questions about how to set up my network in Linux--I
researched the internet, and found a how-to from 10
years ago that still applies today.  In my estimation,
time spent learning Linux is time well spent.


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