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[K12OSN] Re: The Gimp and printing

PROBLEM:  Anything printed using the Gimp takes about two hours before
it even starts to print.  In the mean time no other users can print.  If
the Gimp file is put into OO word processor it is printed very quickly
on either printer.  The quick printing also applies to drawings done in
Tux Paint.  Image files done in the Gimp are averaging less than 100k
bytes  What is being printed by the other programs has been as high as 3
meg bytes.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this is or what may be
required to fix it?

I have never had much luck with "gimp-print" and usually end up
saving from gimp and printing from something else (usually either
konqueror or kview).

You might try setting gimp to just print straight to the printer (try
setting it to raw or lp) I just looked at my gimp setup and was
surprised to see that I do not even have a File->Print option.
So that shows how often I try to print from gimp :o)

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