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Re: [K12OSN] OSX Help

This may be of interest:


>>> spowers inlandlakes org 04/21/05 3:09 PM >>>
I'm sure I could google this question, and come up with a solution,  
but I thought I'd pose the question to folks that have similar setups  
to me.

I currently use a linux box to share home directories via SAMBA, NFS,  
and Netatalk.  I have an NIS domain that I use for authentication.

Is there an elegant way to use the standard OSX login/security system  
to interact with such a setup?  I don't want to have to install any  
proprietary OSX server stuff -- just to be able to use the regular  
OSX security, but have a login that mounts a /home share.

I'm new in the world of OSX, so be gentle...  :)

Thanks for any pointers,

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