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Re: [K12OSN] Old K12, with samba issues, I think

On Fri, 2005-04-22 at 21:25, musicman wrote:
> Well, My thanks go out to you Mr/Ms Mikesell....

It's Mr. 

> I don't know what I did in particular that fixed the problem, but I
> had turned the WINS server off on the win2K server/PDC because I
> thought it was superfluous in our system, so I switched that back
> on...I also added the line "netbios name = backup" to the K12OS box
> smb.conf....ran the rsync, and it's still going after an hour - which
> means it's working, to me - previous to this, my average was 15
> minutes (sometimes 13, sometimes 17, never 20)...
> So, smb relies on WINS? Does AD require WINS as well?

If you have a single subnet the machines all broadcast their
netbios names and some machine is more or less randomly
elected to collate them and answer broadcast queries.  This
doesn't work across routers, which is where WINS comes in.
If you have multiple subnets, you must configure all your
machines to use the same WINS server (or set of servers).
Then all the 'local' masters send their lists of names
to the WINS server which collates them all and answers
the queries directly since all machines know to ask it.
Samba uses the hostname as the netbios name if you don't
specify something else.  Wink2 and up will use dns names
(adding the domains in their search list) if the netbios
lookup fails.  I think an AD server acts as a WINS server
but I don't know if you still have to set that up separately.

  Les Mikesell
   les futuresource com

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