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RE: [K12OSN] Apple Computer Question

Well from the looks of things, it looked fairly simple to set-up but after
numerous attempts and numerous times being locked out of the computer, I
would greatly appreciate it if you would go into details.

Steps to Recreate:

In Directory access:
Name           Server Name or IP          LDAP MAPPINGS

shsLDAP		shsmain			From Server

Search Base: dc=shs, dc=edu

----> Thenin SHSLDAP Config

Configuration Name : shsLDAP
Server Name: shsmain
Distinguished Name: Manager
Password: *********

The same goes for contacts tab.

Thank you.



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In OS X go to the "utilities" folder and look for Directory Access....you
can set up LDAP authentication in there.  Let me know if you get stuck and
I'll go into it a little deeper.

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