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RE: [K12OSN] Which server would you prefer?

> The quad ppro is probably a server-class machine with 
> bulletproof power supplies, scsi and a bunch of drive bays.  
> Turn that into a file server and export /home from it.  You 
> might want to load Centos on it so you can get updates for a 
> while without re-installing. Then install k12ltsp on the P4 
> box, which won't need a lot of disk space.  When you need 
> your 2nd k12ltsp server you'll be ready to mount up the same 
> /home into another cheap but fast P4 box.

My vote is with Les on this.  If your Quad machine is equipped with a
SCSI Array exporting /home from it to the PIV box should get you the
best performance.  

My normal recommendation would be to use the Quad machine as the LTSP
machine, but like others have said, Pentium Pro's are old!  If I
remember right your looking at 200MHZ or slower per processor, if you
had 800MHZ or above it might be better.

And this way you use both servers instead of picking one and keeping the
other on the shelf, and should also make it easier to add more servers
in the future like Les indicated.

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