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Re: [K12OSN] Which server would you prefer?


Les wrote:

> Does it have to *run* windows or just act as a windows file server?
> The ppro could easily share /home via NFS to the k12ltsp users and
> also samba-share the same and other directories to windows clients.

Well, this is to appease those who want a windows networked
environment. The goal is to have the clients dual-boot, and if they
boot into Windows XP then they'd be able to log in and have their
desktop pulled down from the server and access all their files,
settings etc. (just like ltsp). So I think it needs to run windows,
not just a windows file server, non?

> > case, does it sway things in favour of the Quad? I only mention this
> > now because the Quad will be shipped with 2 GB RAM so I'll have to get
> > the other modules myself.
> Unless you can find used memory for the ppro, you can't afford it.  The
> 2 gig it has is fine for a file server (either way) and you'll be OK
> with 4GB in the P4 for k12ltsp and oddly enough, new fast memory is
> much cheaper.

I did not know that. I haven't started looking for the RAM because I
am not sure of the specifics for the Proliant RAM. In addition, a
question has been raised if it can actually support 8 GB, or only 4


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