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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP

Just as some in-sight, I had almost NO working knowledge of Linux before
implimenting a K12LTSP lab in my classroom.  I used a spare "teacher
computer" (Dell 2.xGHz with 256MB RAM) as the server, and a few OLD
133MHz 32MB RAM cast offs as the clients.

As mentioned, the only hard part was that I had a mis-match of NIC cards
in the clients. If I would have had the same model in each I probably
would have been up and running in a day.  

Since then, I have switched to Linux as my main OS, switched my wife as
well, and feel REALLY confident using it (not that I am any kind of GRU
yet).  But mostly because of this group and excellent experience I had
with the K12LTSP distro.

Good Luck, and remember that we are all here to help.


On Tue, 26 Apr 2005 12:09:35 -0500
<hoffmann fidnet com> wrote:

> How difficult will it be for someone with very little computer
> experience to set up a K12LTSP network?  How much technical expertise
> would someone need?
> Thanks.
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