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[K12OSN] printer authentication to win2k>

    Hi ALL,

    Wondering if anyone has a "cure" for the following.

    On our WIN2K domain,,when i add a linux shared printer( HP Laserjet)to a
windows2000 machine,each time the WIN2K box is booted up,the user has to
click the printer folder,click on the shared printer icon,then
"authenticate",by putting his/her username/password in the dialog box,before
the printing becomes"ready" and is usable. This is NOT a problem on the
WINXP boxes.on the domain. I m sure this has been discussed somewere, but
I'm all Googled,out searching,so thought Id throw it out here.
    I add the linux printer,to the windows boxes ,with the following.


    The printer will work fine,but when the machine is rebooted,or
shutoff,the user has to go through this sequence again,& needless to say I
hear about it! I m trying to get as many peices setup on the linux
servers,as possible to get away from windoz,:) I'm guessing this has
somehting to do with the kerberos5 auth or sumfin,along these lines,but dont
know what?.



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