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Re: [K12OSN] printer authentication to win2k>

Barry R Cisna wrote:
>     Hi ALL,
>     Wondering if anyone has a "cure" for the following.
>     On our WIN2K domain,,when i add a linux shared printer( HP
> Laserjet)to a windows2000 machine,each time the WIN2K box is booted
> up,the user has to click the printer folder,click on the shared
> printer icon,then "authenticate",by putting his/her username/password
> in the dialog box,before the printing becomes"ready" and is usable.
> This is NOT a problem on the WINXP boxes.on the domain. I m sure this
> has been discussed somewere, but I'm all Googled,out searching,so
>     thought Id throw it out here. I add the linux printer,to the
> windows boxes ,with the following.
>     http://k12ltspserveripaddress:631/printers/printername
>     The printer will work fine,but when the machine is rebooted,or
> shutoff,the user has to go through this sequence again,& needless to
> say I hear about it! I m trying to get as many peices setup on the
> linux servers,as possible to get away from windoz,:) I'm guessing
> this has somehting to do with the kerberos5 auth or sumfin,along
> these lines,but dont know what?.
>     Thanks,,,
>     Barry
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I had a problem like this when I moved all our print servers over to CUPS.
What I had to do was to list the printers in the "Exceptions - Do not use
proxy server for addresses beginning with" setting in internet explorer. I
don't know why this should make a difference but after I did this is was OK.
All I do now is setup the printer on the machine as an administrator and
then anyone who logs in can use it. Oh all our clients are Win2k so I just
added the list of print servers to our login script that sets up proxies etc
at login.

Brian Chivers
Portsmouth College

    The views expressed here are my own and not necessarily 
                the views of Portsmouth College             

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