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Re: [K12OSN] Squid / SquidGuard architecture

bear2bar netscape net wrote:

OK I know this may yet be another dumb question but ...

Since the lab "lost" its DansGuardian system (School reappropriation ^ redeployment of equipment) I've had ongoing problems getting Squid & squidguard working.
So here goes..
1) Should this setup on a single server or two ?

Single. squidGuard is called by squid as a service. It is also very lightweight and while you may be able to hack up some way to run them on separate boxes any gains you made by having separate hardware for each process would probably be lost going over the wire to obtain the service if you had a very busy network.

1a) If one how ? I get everything blocked or nothing

You're kind of asking these questions in a vacuum. How do you have it set up now? Which distro? Which version of squid? What kind of network setup? Config files... etc. etc.

1b) If two what SW goes on which box & how are they tied ?

2) Should this/these servers be on their own switch/hub connected to the outside world & then anoother connection to a switch/hub for the lab ?

thank you for your HELP


Mike Rambo
mrambo lsd k12 mi us

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lawn services go under, then create a license agreement that says
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