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Re: [K12OSN] Squid / SquidGuard architecture

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the response, here goes...
OS .. k12ltsp 4.2.0

Current setup
Cable modem -> k12ltsp server ->switches-> thin clients (all 10/100)

Config files are squid.conf
and cache setup with squid -z

http listens on port 8080
a redirect at boot up redirect http traffic to squid on 3128

hope that this makes it a little easier


Mike Rambo <mrambo lsd k12 mi us> wrote:

>bear2bar netscape net wrote:
>> Hi,
>> OK I know this may yet be another dumb question but ...
>> Since the lab "lost" its DansGuardian system (School reappropriation ^ redeployment of equipment) I've had ongoing problems getting Squid & squidguard working.
>> So here goes..
>> 1) Should this setup on a single server or two ?
>Single. squidGuard is called by squid as a service. It is also very 
>lightweight and while you may be able to hack up some way to run them on 
>separate boxes any gains you made by having separate hardware for each 
>process would probably be lost going over the wire to obtain the service 
>if you had a very busy network.
>> 1a) If one how ? I get everything blocked or nothing 
>You're kind of asking these questions in a vacuum. How do you have it 
>set up now? Which distro? Which version of squid? What kind of network 
>setup? Config files... etc. etc.
>> 1b) If two what SW goes on which box & how are they tied ? 
>> 2) Should  this/these servers be on their own switch/hub connected to the outside world & then anoother connection to a switch/hub for the lab ?
>> thank you for your HELP 
>> norbert
>Mike Rambo
>mrambo lsd k12 mi us
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