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Re: [K12OSN] Squid / SquidGuard architecture

bear2bar netscape net wrote:
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the response, here goes...
OS .. k12ltsp 4.2.0



Current setup
Cable modem -> k12ltsp server ->switches-> thin clients (all 10/100)

So is squid running on the same server that runs the thin clients? If so this is part of the problem unless you have made adjustments to the usual configuration to take this into account. Usually the squid server will be a separate box that would sit between the ltsp server and your broadband source. I suspect you probably can run it all on the same server if the server is fast enough and you make the right adjustments to the config but it most likely won't work that way out of the box (unless Eric has changed the way he has the distro configured).

Config files are squid.conf

Well, I was actually referring to the relevant parts (content) of these files :-). I'm interested in whether you're trying to run a transparent proxy etc. I have to admit that I haven't used the default config since Eric implemented the squid-squidguard thing however. Is the new config built to assume running all on one box? Are you starting the correct service (probably squid-squidguard)?

and cache setup with squid -z

http listens on port 8080
a redirect at boot up redirect http traffic to squid on 3128

Ok. But how is this actually being done?

/sbin/iptables -L -n -v
/sbin/iptables -L -n -v -t nat

hope that this makes it a little easier


Mike Rambo
mrambo lsd k12 mi us

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lawn services go under, then create a license agreement that says
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