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[K12OSN] BackupPPC Question

Well, the DLT tape drive the keeps my user directories backed up kicked the bucket Tuesday. So rather than shell out the $800 for a new drive, and then new/fresh tapes (these are really old tapes I have), I'm looking into setting up a backup server.

What I want is BackupPPC (or a similar rsync trick to keep multiple days/weeks/months worth of backups) and a way to mirror/replicate the backed-up data onto one or two removable drives (ie: an external firewire drive) so that way I can take a copy of the data (or a good chunk of it) home with me everynight (plug it in the morning and it updates itself)... and then once I get my offsite location, it will act as one of those "removable" drives and I'll have a 3rd copy.  So basically, i'm looking for a process to replicate the BackupPPC data to X number of removable drives/and or other storage locations.

Any suggestions or comments?

Henry Burroughs
Technology Director
Hilton Head Preparatory School

P.S.  Someone on another list had said something about rsync -H taking an extremely long time to compute symlinks...any experience w/ that?

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