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Re: [K12OSN] IceWM, Gnome & Nautilus FRUSTRATIONS

I saw similar behavior when I put up a FC3/K12ltsp 4.2 box but mounted /home from my RH9/K12ltsp 3.1.2 box. Something with Gnome changed along the way, such that when I logged in from a terminal to the new server, Gnome would not work right. It gave errors about not liking my ~/.gnome directory (or one of the ~/.gnome* cousins). I found that it behaved normally if I renamed ~/.gnome to, say, ~/.gnome.old. Then a new ~/.gnome directory was created the first time I logged in, and everything was fine. But the new settings would probably make a mess of things if I logged into the old server. For now, I've retreated to the old server, and have turned off the DHCP server on the new box so it doesn't boot clients.

This doesn't fix your problem, but perhaps explains what's going on so you can figure out a solution.


richard ingalls wrote:
Can anyone help me get IceWM working WITH the desktop
icons and file manager, etc.?  Can anyone help me get
GNOME working?

I have a machine that serves the /home directories to
the other K12LTSP servers in my building.  It is a new
install of FC3.  When students logon in this
particular classroom (where the /home server is)...
everything is fine!  yeah.  BUT, when they attempt to
logon at one of the other classrooms (each has it's
own LTSP server and NFS mounts /home)... they can get
IceWM (with NO icons, file manager, etc.) and they
CAN'T get GNOME at all!  What is going on?

I'm so frustrated with FC3 right now regarding this
situation that I'm considering going back to Red Hat
8.0 (3.0.0 distibution - it just worked!).  Do a
complete reinstall on ALL my machines.  Sure FC3 looks
great, but it has NOT made my life easier or more
productive or very much fun.

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