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Re: [K12OSN] OpenOffice vs StarOffice

You are correct that StarOffice is free to educational
institutions, but it will never be included in K12LTSP
for 2 reasons:

1. K12LTSP doesn't package commercial products. Thats
why there is a link on the desktop to download Java,
Adobe, Flash, etc.

2. To get the free copy of StarOffice, you have to
register for it at Sun.com and sign an agreement that
says you are really a educational institution.
  2a. By bundling StarOffice with K12LTSP, the
required reg. process would be bypassed. That's not
  2b. Many people who are not in the education field
use K12LTSP. If StarOffice was included with K12LTSP,
many people would get StarOffice for free even though
they are not entitled to it.

There is an easy way to get rid of Open Office durring
the install process. Here is a picture of the screen
to look for:

Click on the "Customize package..."  button and then
de-select OpenOffice. Then continue normally with the


--- Liam Marshall <lsrpm-1 shaw ca> wrote:
> Seeing as how StarOffice is FREE to educational
> Institutes, and K12LTSP is an educational
> remix/remaster of Redhat/Fedora, would it be
> possible for the next incarnation to have StarOffice
> instead of OpenOffice?
> OpenOffice is not bad, but it loads slower than
> StarOffice, hangs more often, seems to take up more
> resources, and does not have near the features
> Am I way out to lunch here or would such be
> possible?  The reason I ask is that I am planning
> for next year and would like to have staroffice only
> (never figured out how to get rid of OpenOffice) and
> it would be nice if it was automatically configured
> for use by each user the way OpenOffice is now.
> Input?  Comments?
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