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[K12OSN] [reposted] yum OR apt - which?

[sent this in a week ago, but no one had time or interest.  
Any takers this time?]

A quick straw poll with perhaps a weighted vote given to THE MAN (ie,
Eric) if he has the time to chip in an opinion :-).  

Which works best overall: apt or yum and what are the pros and cons?  

(If this subject is "wiki-fied", forgive my laziness and tell me that
it's all been documented already ;-).)

I've always favoured apt in the past, particularly after I discovered
synaptic.  I mostly use that to browse packages graphically, but I'd
rather do the deed of updating and upgrading via a terminal.  Having
been sold on apt by this list in the distant past, I have been surprised to
see Eric mostly refer to yum updates lately and almost never apt.

Thinking "he knows best" (well, who would if not Eric?) I started
exploring yum's capabilities instead.  I didn't like it at first, but 
now it's growing on me and helping me avoid apt's tendency to want to 
remove some packages each update.  That's a big minus for apt - perhaps driven
by repository madness (I've alternately added and removed certain repos
to get some wanted packages not in the stock repos).  

However, I find some big minuses with yum, such as it being a chore on
dialup because it goes through such protracted preparations just to end
up telling me that package "xxx" is not listed, or that there are no
upgrades for "yyy".  Then there is the yum daily cron update (I deleted
it) that was chewing up precious bandwidth without actually seeming to
speed up yum's updates when I manually invoked them.

I could go on, but I want to hear of the experiences and opinion of
other "frontliners" on my personal apt vs yum dilemma.  Thanks.
        Gavin Chester 

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