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Re: [K12OSN] IceWM, Gnome & Nautilus FRUSTRATIONS

I started using Rox at the suggestion of someone on
this list (maybe you, Kevin, I can't remember). 
Anyway, I really like it.  It is very fast and
complements IceWM nicely.  It opens up instantly on my
Celeron 2.0 machine, whereas if I use Konqueror (my
other file manager of choice) I have to wait a few


--- Kevin Squire <gentgeen linuxmail org> wrote:
> As someone else mentioned, I find running Nautilus
> and IceWM together to
> be somewhat counter-productive.  With Ice being such
> a nice, light
> weight window manager, and nautilus being a full
> fledge (bloated?) file
> manager/desktop manager.  
> Personnally I have had great success using Rox-Filer
> as the file manager
> when using IceWM.  Rox does have the ability to
> control the wallpaper
> and desktop icons by using the 'pinboard' feature. 
> I have found IceWM
> and Rox together, along with some icon and config
> tweaking, creates a
> really impressive and "comfortable" environment for
> those used to the
> Windows world.

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