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Re: [K12OSN] [reposted] yum OR apt - which?

Thanks for the info.  I guess what I'm wondering is
why attempt to replace the original (apt, I think)
instead of improving it?  I guess the developers have
their reasons, but it seems to me that re-writing
instead of re-using defeats many of the benefits of
open source.


--- Les Mikesell <les futuresource com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-04-28 at 08:25, Rob Owens wrote:
> > I've often wondered why there are so many of these
> > package installers.  Seems to me that apt came
> first,
> > only to be duplicated by yum, up2date, urpmi, etc.
>  I
> > haven't tried them all, but I haven't heard of any
> > special features that any of them have over apt. 
> It
> > just makes me wonder why did anybody bother?  Why
> > didn't everybody just start to use apt?  It's not
> like
> > it costs money or anything...
> Apt was originally developed for Debian .deb
> packages.  RPM
> packages include dependency information but the rpm
> program
> doesn't do anything to automatically resolve it, so
> apt was
> adapted as a free solution (RedHat's up2date was
> originally
> built as a subscription plan so the proliferation of
> methods
> really is because the first one cost money...).  Yum
> was
> developed as the installer for Yellow Dog Linux (the
> Mac offshoot
> of RedHat) and then ported back.  However the story
> isn't over
> yet because now there are a lot of independently
> maintained
> repositories of add-on stuff with potential
> conflicts and
> apt, yum, and up2date all lack a good way to control
> preferences
> so certain packages can be loaded from specific
> repositories
> and then kept up to date without accidentally
> pulling in other
> files that happen to be newer there.  So, watch for
> 'smart' and
> maybe some others to replace the current crop.
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