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Re: [K12OSN] Disk Quota SAMBA/LDAP?

Jim Kronebusch wrote:
>> I've tried it, I created a "standard user" with all the
>> quota's setup and then inserted I line in the batch add
>> script just after it sets the smbpasswd to do a edquota -p
>> "standard users" "username" (I think it's edquota -p) and it
>> seemed to work on my test server.
> So you are duplicating the SAMBA/LDAP users with a local account with
> the same username and password?
> My guess would be then you would have default quotas set for local
> users, run a batch import of some sort and pull in the local accounts.
> Then run the bulk add scripts for SAMBA/LDAP with the tweak of edquota
> -p added to it and pull in the same users?
> If this works let me know.  I never tested quotas with SAMBA/LDAP and
> that will be a must have on my production setup for next year.
> Sure would be nice to have something like the Webmin tool that syncs
> SAMBA and Unix accounts.  Could the Webmin LDAP module be tweaked
> with a sync with Unix user accounts?  That sure could simplify
> things.  Except for the person who does the modification :-)

Hopefully I'm going to start build the new server next week so as soon as I
get to the quota bit I'll try to remember to mail the list with updates and

I think webmin already keeps things in sync if I remember but again I'll let
you know.


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