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Re: [K12OSN] [reposted] yum OR apt - which?

Thanks Les.  You are like a linux encyclopedia.


--- Les Mikesell <les futuresource com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-04-28 at 10:26, Rob Owens wrote:
> > Thanks for the info.  I guess what I'm wondering
> is
> > why attempt to replace the original (apt, I think)
> > instead of improving it?  I guess the developers
> have
> > their reasons, but it seems to me that re-writing
> > instead of re-using defeats many of the benefits
> of
> > open source.
> Competition and choices are what drives improvement,
> so
> I consider it a good thing.  As a more practical
> matter
> I've had both get into confused states at different
> times
> where they wouldn't work and was able to fix things
> by using
> the other to update or fix some conflicting
> packages.
> Up2date was the original but had the disadvantage of
> needing
> a redhat network subscription.  Apt was probably the
> first
> widely used substitute, but it had problems dating
> to its
> Debian ancestry and is still unable to deal with
> mixed
> architecture systems (some 64-bit packages, some
> 32). Yum
> is written in python so it was easier for it's
> author to add
> features and use the same rpm bindings as up2date. 
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