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[K12OSN] OSX Roaming Profile Instructions-Auth Linux SAMBA/LDAP Server

Here are the instructions for setting up Mac OS 10.3 to authenticate to
a Linux SAMBA/LDAP server setup with the scripts provided by David Trask
and Matt Oquist.  When setup this should require login to the local
machine, auth that login to the LDAP server, automount /home
directories, and store all user settings and data in the /home/user
folder on the LDAP server.

Now this setup hasn't exactly been rigorously tested.  I got this going
in a hurry right before going to the Boston Linux World in hopes to show
it off there.  I haven't really messed with it since then and a good
share of the instructions are from memory.  

Point being DO NOT TEST THIS ON A GOOD MACHINE!  I mean don't take the
computer you use everyday, or your bosses machine and give it a whirl.
A wrong move in the NetInfo Manager could render the machine un-bootable
and you will be whipping out the OSX install CD's or PPC Ubuntu and
giving up.

With that said, have fun :-)

Jim Kronebusch
Cotter Tech Department
jim winonacotter org 

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