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RE: [K12OSN] wine is breaking me

> > > It's definetely a possibility that I have it
> > > installed already. But if
> > > I get 'command not found' after typing wineserver or
> > > wine, isn't that
> > > proof that it's not installed?  Or is there a better
> > > way of finding
> > > that out?

At a command line you could always type 
# updatedb
Wiat for that to finish and then 
# locate wine
Any file/folder with "wine" in the name should zip by.  Look through
that list and if you find it cd to the directory and try to run ./wine
or whatever.

Hope that helps.  I myself have had mixed results with wine.  Very
buggy.  Constant version conflicts, crashes, program incompatibility,

I have settled with if someone *really* needs a windows app they need to
get a windows terminal server to run it to be stable (well, as stable as
Windows can be :-) 

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