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Re: [K12OSN] URGENT: ldap server sops working at schoolstart

I had some what the same issue. I started up in interactive mode (centos4ltsp), bypassed the starting of the ldap stuff. Then I ran db_recover, in my case it didn't help because I tried to fix it BEFORE reading all the possibilities outlined in the help docs

Kevin Verheyen wrote:

I'm having a  major problem/

My ldap server suddenly stopped working this morning, just one hour before official school start.
All went well before, but I can't even get into teh operating system.

The server hangs after a reboot when trying to start the LDAP server.
It all started when trying to modify some user with the smbldap- usermod script, endig each time with error at line 471 in smbldap- tools.pm

Please, is there anyone who could offer me fast help or telephone support?


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