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[K12OSN] New problem installing mplayer

I got mplayer installed and running in my classroom and had started
working on getting the sound to work on my terminals when I lost one of
the hard drives, 3 SCSI drives, and had to start from scratch.

I had saved all of the messages about getting mplayer installed and
running outside the server soI thought it should be simple to reinstall

Below is everything I had in those messages.  The problem is it isn't
working.  Do I have some typos that need fixing or is there something
else wrong?

SOme comments are notes to myself like where to save the file.

Thanks in advance

Do this install in root but check and use as a user.

Create the following file and save it in this directory.
Name the file: at.repo

name=ATrpms for Fedora Core $releasever stable

In terminal enter the following yum install commands.

yum -y install mplayer

yum --enablerepo=at-stable -y install mplayer-skins

yum --enablerepo=at-stable -y install mplayer-fonts

yum –enablerepo=at-stable -y install mplayer-divx4linux

yum –enablerepo=at-stable -y install mplayer-w32codec

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