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[K12OSN] segmentation faults can it be fixed

Hello All,

Wondering if anyone has ever found an actual fix for a box that has
started getting segmentaion faults while booting up. On my old
experimental K12LTSP 4.4.1 box at home, which is an ancient 1GHZ
processor,which has run fine for a year now, after a couple power outages
this box is now getting segmenation faults as it proceeds through the
bootup process. It will actually still work, IF i manually start each of
the two nics,and i also have to manually start dhcp,each timeafter a
reboot. I also have to reset the hostanme by doing a  <echo
myserver.dot..com > /proc/sys/kernel/hostname> to set the hostname after
each reboot. I tried booting the machine in single user mode and run fsck
which seem to run way too fast ( about 3 secs).? I have not tried running
memtest86 from the FC4 boot CD,, but as per usual im guessing this would
be " too simple" a fix.
Lots of things dont actually work right such as ps, ls sound ..but it is
Im guessing its time for  a reformat. Anyone have any magic?


Barry Cisna

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