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Re: [K12OSN] Printing to spesfic printers only

On Wed, 2006-10-04 at 06:59 -0600, jconlon1 elp rr com wrote:
> We have a large server that runs a lab and several 4-6 terminal groups
> in some classrooms.  Some classrooms have one terminal being used as a
> Jet Direct device.  Is ther a way to set things up so that a classroom
> group will default to the jet directed printer only?  If there is How do
> I do it?

Here is what I am gearing up to do along this same line:

Up to 200 thin clients attached to a single server. Each classroom has a
networked printer that cups on the server knows about. Students have
NIS/NFS roving profiles since they move around the school (middle
During the login process, a script is run that determines the host name
(all fixed-IP host name in dhcp.conf) that the student is accessing the
server from.
Host names are based on room number and station number: rmXXXwsYY where
XXX is the room number and YY is the station number in the room.
Printers are named similarly: rmXXXlaser

At the moment, I am determining the best place to put the script
(~/.xinitrc , ~/.bashrc , ~/.xsession , ... ) .

Here is the script:


# This script will identify the host name from which a login occurs
# It will then use that name to set the default printer
# This requires hostname formatted as rmXXXwsYY and pinters as
# XXX is the room number and YY is the station number in the room.
# the script runs as the user logging in and sets options in

export PATH="/bin:/usr/bin"

lpoptions -d `netstat -t -e | grep ESTABLISHED | grep $USER | sed
's/:/ /g'| awk '{print $6}' | sort | uniq | cut -f 1 -d "." | sed 's/ws

# Place this script in /usr/local/bin/defaultprinter.sh on the server
with 755 permisions

NOTE: the lpoptions line is one line. email will wrap it.

Part 2: Blocking printing to a printer not in the same room with the

In cups, each printer should allow printing only from a given range of
IP address. That is done with per printer settings in cupsd.conf.
HOWEVER, I don't have this part working yet as the print job originates
on the server and not the client. I am looking pykota/tea4cups as a
possible way to rewrite the source address on the print job.
> Thanks in advance
> Pat
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