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[K12OSN] SMBLDAP question

I have a really dumb question; I am hoping maybe David Trask or some other kind soul can help me:

I have a lab set up with Edubuntu workstations and a Ubuntu server.  We use SMBLDAP to authenticate student logins on the server.

The guy who helped me set it up sent me some directions; the first thing it tells me to do is mv /home/administrator /administrator and then usermod -d /administrator.  We make "admin" a local login and administrator a server login.

When I do this, I can no longer run anything, particularly the users & groups GUI or the Synaptic Package Manager. 

My question is, is there a way to make these things run without the existence of the /home/administrator directory?

Any other ideas for ways to make these Edubuntu workstation logins authenticate on teh server?  Any ideas for speeding up the computers that authenticate really slowly?  I need to set up 2 workstations that puked on me; I also have a couple of workstations that take 3+ minutes to log a student in.  The other workstations log people in in under 30 sec's.

Thanks for any ideas you can share.



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