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Re: [K12OSN] local parallel printer

On Thursday 05 October 2006 16:38, Jim McQuillan wrote:
> On Thu, October 5, 2006 4:09 pm, Ray Garza wrote:
> > According to the LTSP Wiki pages, LTSP 4.2 does not support a parallel
> > port
> > printer on the client pc (due to a bug), is this still the case?
> Parallel printers work just fine.
> Which page says there's a problem?
Hello Jim,

I found here at:

In the first section,

"Note that, until further notice, a bug exists under LTSP 4.2, that interferes 
with the parallel interface. Under 4.2, the parallel interface will not work. 
Fortuitously, many current day printers also support the USB interface. 
Serial and USB interfaces are unaffected by this bug.

-- For a lot of people the simple act of add "PRINTER_0_WRITE_ONLY = Y" in 
lts.conf solved the problem "

Hmm, I just now noticed the title of the page " Printers attached to LTSP 
workstations".  Does that apply to any PC used as a client or just the thin 
clients from Disklessworkstation.com?

Ray Garza
Coordinator of Computer Services
Speer Memorial Library
(956) 580-8757
ray mission lib tx us

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