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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP 5 and i810 video - main issue solved

After several days, I was able to tackle the issue again. changing to vesa
helped bring the i810's back into the fold. I lost one HP that goes crazy
on the video, but that's a small price to pay at this point. The systems
with ati cards do just fine.

I'm experiencing a little problem with getting the screen resolution where
I want it, but I see some of that in another thread, so I'll check that
out. At least I've got the bulk going and unless I do something really
*stupid* I can do some tweaking to resolve the resolution thing.

Thanks so much for the advice. Hopefully, I can return the favor sometime.

Henry Connor

> On Friday 29 September 2006 16:37, Henry Connor wrote:
>> I hope someone can offer some other suggestions about getting the
>> i810 clients loaded on v 5.0.0
>> kernel: 2.6.17-1.2187_FC5
> Try changing
> XSERVER = auto
> to
> XSERVER = vesa
> in the lts.conf file.
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