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Re: [K12OSN] configure and optimize network cards in K12LTSP?

Jim Kathan wrote:
My school uses HP Procurve switches that give all sorts of CRC alignment errors if they are not set to automatic uplink/downlink connection speed (10/100, etc.), and if flow control is set to anything other than off/disabled. Interestingly enough, these picky switches also want _whatever’s connected on the other end_ (NIC card, jet-direct printer, etc.) to be set _the exact same way_, or you also get errors.

I also use Procurve switches - great bang for the buck! The behavior you described is not specific to Procurve only - that's how all switches behave. If you do not have the ports set to auto-negotiate, you must configure the NIC on the other end of the cable with the same settings as the switch. If you do not configure the NIC, it will automatically default to 10Mb half-duplex - the lowest common denominator. And then watch the errors fly!

Getting to the point; I was wondering if there are any configurations/customizations/tweaks that I can do for my NIC cards within K12/Fedora? I am wondering how they are set be default, and what I can change. I looked around but didn’t see much of anything. I know K12 is designed for most situations to work “out of the box”, but my situation warrants further optimizing for the NIC, if it’s possible.

I believe the default NIC setting is also auto. To make life easy, I would set the ports on the switch to auto then allow the NICs to auto-negotiate the connection. (I only stray from this is very special circumstances.)

Mike Lichtenwalner
Technology Specialist
Manheim Township School District
Lancaster, PA

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