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Re: [K12OSN] dns/bind server sees dsl modem/router as domain name

I had the same problem in a small office: pointing a web browser, running on fat desktop clients (IOW, not LTSP) at the company's domain name produced the login screen to the admin interface of the DSL bridge from Qwest, which is not what the users wanted. I did the same thing you mentioned, setup a DNS zone on the DNS/DHCP/Samba server I installed in the office. That zone would provide a local (192.168.x.x) address for the company domain name. Since the DNS service was only for internal use, it worked fine. If the 'host' command returns the public address, then verify that it is querying its own DNS service and not, say, that of the ISP. I think the syntax is something like

host name-to-lookup server-to-query

server-to-query is an option which you don't normally have to specify unless you want to query a specific DNS server, which you do in this case. HTH.


cisna-barry wc235 k12 il us wrote:
Hello List,

This was fixed by someone in the list here ,sometime back, and now that I
have put togther a new( well not new,better),,:) server with fc5 at home
my domain name loops to the dsl/router web GUI. In other words i can not
access webmail or edit joomla etc, on my home server. If i key in the
domain name in the web browser it simply ends up at Speedstream
modem/router web GUI. I got this worked around many moons ago, but cant
remember the combination. I tried entering a DNS zone for my domain in
BIND with the internal number of the server, but, when i do a < host
server,,,  ip address is:> , it throws out the  public ipaddress,and i
think this needs to end up being my private ip, so on my home lan my
server sees itself as the dns server.
I have entered both in the dns record in network as well as [
private ipaddress]primary/secondary and thought this would make this
server see internal IP. No joy:(. Yes i need to get a clue!,,,:)
Anyone have any ideas on this one?

Barry Cisna

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