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Re: [K12OSN] off topic - firefox history files

I don't understand "MAC gets which IP"..
knowing the originating IP of the machine..you can track it back to the specific machine and with the time/date stamp you can determine who was at that machine during that time on that day. Then you can check against 'last' if the log is deep enough to find out who was logged in at that machine at that time.


Joseph Bishay wrote:

On 10/11/06, Huck <dhuckaby paasda org> wrote:
that should tell you the machine's IP address attempting to access it
and the time/date stamp..

From what I understand, unless you specify in the lts.conf file which
MAC gets which IP, knowing the IP that attempted to access the site
isn't very useful.  How would you trace it back to one person?


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