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Re: [K12OSN] Bringing /home over from previous k12ltsp server

Get /home.

then get /etc/passwd, shadow, gshadow, group and various other config files if they are customized.

It is not recommended that the passwd and group files are just replaced.

In the one from the old server, cut out everything up to where the users actually start. Then on the new server, cut out everything from where the users begin.

Then add the contents from the old passwd to the new one and same with group.

This way, system ownerships will remain the same and user ownerships will as well.

be sure to get /etc/samba/smbpasswd and secrets if you use samba for winders connectivity.

Pretty painless after that.


Sudev Barar wrote:

On 12/10/06, Carl Keil <carl snarlnet com> wrote:

I'm setting up a brand new k12ltsp server to replace my previous one.
What's the best way to bring the /home directory over so that people's
work in tuxpaint, mail messages, open office docs,  game settings, etc.
get brought over, but I still update/upgrade all the conf files and
stuff that are in people's /home directories.

I was just going to install k12ltsp, then rsync over the old /home into
the new /home from the old server to the new, but that doesn't seem like
it quite cuts it.  Like that would overwrite identical files fairly
randomly, wouldn't it?

rsync would be the best way and alongwith that scp the /etc/passwd
/etc/goup and /etc/shadow files. This way UID/GID would be preserved
and users can log in.

What identical files?? If the new server is not yet up there would be no files.

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