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Re: [K12OSN] NWEA Errors

Yeah and I think that is what is crashing it. It just has pictures and audio. I have test taker running on the Win Term server so the audio should be playing locally on the server and piping it through RDP. TestTaker crashes on the windows box. The windows sessions stays up. I will have to try it on Macs I guess. Too bad I don't have a Mac lab.


On 10/16/06, David Trask <dtrask vcsvikings org> wrote:
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>This probably not a K12LTSP issue but NWEA says it is. I am having issue
>running the Primary MAP on a Windows Terminal Server. Has anyone with a
>K12LTSP setup successfully used the NWEA Primary MAP. This is the test
>for kindergarten and first grade. It is crashing all over the place. NWEA
>is no help because they can't support our setup.
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I'm not sure, but doesn't the primary MAP have sound or multimedia?  Not
sure as I haven't laid eyes on the Primary one, but I am planning to do
that part in our Mac Lab....just in case.

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