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Re: [K12OSN] student:computer - studies to reference?

On 10/8/06, Matt Oquist <moquist majen net> wrote:
The committee chairman (a school board member) insightfully asked if
I could find out about such studies and report back at our next
meeting -- so now I'm asking all of you. I've done some googling and
I'll do some more, but what studies (formal and informal, but I'm
looking for more than just opinions) do you know of that communicate
concrete results such as (NOTE: I'M MAKING THIS UP as an EXAMPLE!):
  "Moving from a 10:1 student:computer ratio to a 2:1 ratio is 75%
  more likely to result in a 20% increase in math standardized test
  scores than moving instead to a 5:1 ratio."

Ask and ye shall receive:

Interesting on the breakdown of classroom versus lab settings:
"Students who had access to BS/CE computer in their classrooms [...]
did significantly better than students who were taught with BS/CE
equipment in lab settings."

Ryan Collins
Technology Coordinator - Kenton City Schools
Humor - http://rightfullyso.com/

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