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[K12OSN] Server X lockup and unknown NIC

First, I am still having that problem with the server's X locking up upon logout. Everything works fine for a user but when you logout, it cleans up the screen but leaves just the wallpaper and then locks up X.

It doesn't matter if you login on the graphic console, a VNC session or a thin client. It does the same thing no matter what.

Takes a reboot to clean out all the processes unless you kill each one owned by the user who logged in individually.

Second, I have some newer Intel motherboards that the boot won't find. It says it can't find a NIC but that PCI NICs shoud be autodetected (they aren't) and ISA NICs require manual setting. They should be PCI if they are integrated, shouldn't they?

Doug Simpson
Technology Specialist
DeQueen Public Schools
DeQueen, AR 71832
simpsond leopards k12 ar us
Tux for President!

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