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Re: [K12OSN] _X11TransSocketINETConnect: Can't get address, for ws253.ltsp

Carl Keil wrote:
From: Jim McQuillan <jam mcquil com>


It's complaining that it can't talk to the client. Possibly a problem with the $DISPLAY variable. So, lets see what your $DISPLAY is set to.

Near the top of your script, add this:

   echo "DISPLAY=$DISPLAY" >/tmp/display.out

Then, try running the script

After it fails, take a look in /tmp/display.out, see what DISPLAY was set to. That might provide a clue on how to proceed.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the suggestions. Display.out says "DISPLAY=ws253.ltsp:0.0"

That looks perfectly normal.

I'm guessing you have a library mis-match problem.


Does that give us a clue? I think I just need to explicitly state somewhere that 0.0 is this things display. I don't know what that means or where/how to explicitly state that though.

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