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Re: [K12OSN] build your own thin client

Our school is looking to possibly purchase 30 thin clients from DevnoIT.  Is anyone currently using or know how the 6030P will work? 

Thanks in Advance,

Derek Jaques
Corbett School District

John Lucas wrote:
I would use the DevonIT NTAVO 6020P. Boots diskless via PXE, works with LTSP 
v4.2 sound and local storage (via USB v1.1). Best part is that it is $149, no 
assembly required. 

On Friday 13 October 2006 18:21, Todd O'Bryan wrote:
My school may be in the market for thin clients soon. It would sure be
nice to get pretty, new ones, but we'd like to stay under $200.

I've looked around and it looks like you could put together a
motherboard, CPU, memory, case, and video card for about that amount,
but I must admit I'm in a little over my head, since I've never built a
PC from parts before.

Anyone have advice about how to put together an attractive, small client
for the least amount of money possible?


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