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Re: [K12OSN] "Muekow" first hack

Keep up the good work!!  The thought of installing local apps with yum
or rpm is REALLY appealiing.


On 10/18/06, Eric Harrison <eharrison mail mesd k12 or us> wrote:
Eric Harrison wrote:
> I'm still working on the "muekow" rough-draft version for FC6. It works
> right now, but there are too many manual steps that need to be automated
> (just grunt work, nothing difficult). I had hoped to have it done last
> weekend, so it should be ready sometime real-soon-now ;-)
> As for K12LTSP 6.0, the "muekow" packages will not be production-ready.
> It will use the "classic" LTSP packages by default. The basic
> infrastructure for "muekow" is already in FC6, so early adopters will be
> able to test it out and we can polish up to make it the default in FC7.
> -Eric

My "rough-draft" is now working, more often than not ;-)

By "rough-draft", I mean this is only for development. There is a near
zero chance that it work right for you, if you do manage to get it
working, you have an exactly ZERO chance of it being supported.

But, if you want try out something fun...


* This is built on today's Fedora Development tree, which is pretty
close to what the final FC6 should look like. Since the development tree
changes every day, you'll need to pull all of the software from my
server. I'll set it up to work with stock FC6 discs once FC6 is released

* Only network installs are supported, ISOs do not work right now (the
download will be several Gigs, you'll need a lot of bandwidth and a
couple of hours)

* Only the default "ltsp" configuration will work, you need two NICs and
the first one needs the address of

* Only the default configuration will work out of the box

* Only i386 clients work, no Apple support at the moment

* Only PXE booting is supported, etherboot is not supported yet

* A couple of the i386/PXE test terminals I have laying around
crash-and-burn, don't expect your terminals to actually boot even if
they are i386 with PXE.

* You'll probably need 128M of ram or more in your terminals

* None of the cool LTSP features, such as removable devices work yet

* No "Education" apps are installed, just the LTSP-specific bits

* A vast assortment of other show-stopping bugs, ugly hacks, and missing

* Don't worry, all of these caveats will be fairly easy to fix ;-)

If you read this far, here are the install instructions:

1) get the boot image and burn it to a CDR:


2) boot your victim server off of this CDR. At the "boot:" prompt, type:

   linux ks=http://k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us/K12LTSP/testing/devel/ks.cfg

3) Take all of the defaults

4) After the install is completed, reboot and log in as root (Note: my
last test install did not automatically switch to the GDM login, it
booted to a text console and I had to hit "Alt-F7" to get the GDM login)

5) Open a terminal shell (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal)

6) Run these two commands:

   build_ltsp_root /opt/ltsp/i386

7) plug in a terminal, turn it on, and cross your fingers


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