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Re: [K12OSN] Flash 9 for Linux beta

William Fragakis wrote:
Whether or not one's a fan of Flash, a ton of educational sites use it.
Any thoughts from anyone about Flash 9 not supporting esd and thus (the
best I can tell) not having sound in ltsp?

It's alsa only.

Thank God; it's about time Flash stopped using OSS. Now that flash is finally using ALSA it should be significantly *less* difficult to get sound on the clients. There may be some initial but it paves the way for killing ESD for good and moving to PulseAudio. Of course, the first step is getting the PA server running on the clients to that PA clients on the server can connect. However, once that's done both the existing ESD apps as well as all ALSA apps should be able to use sound as PA provides an ALSA plugin and an ESD server plugin.

It does mean Eric and Jim have some work to do, but I'm sure they're up to it ;-)


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