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RE: [K12OSN] Room Layout

Think VERY carefully before designing or building a layout like this for
compliance with the ADA and IDEA laws.  it could work but you would need
to be very aware of the legal constraints.


On Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Todd O'Bryan wrote:

> Someone described the layout below on the AP Computer Science list a few
> years ago and I've been salivating ever since. If you have a parent
> who's a contractor, you could probably do it in a long weekend.
> Put the students on risers, the lowest in the front, highest in the
> back, in the fashion of a lecture hall. Place the computers on the back
> of each riser so that when the teacher is at the front of the room, s/he
> can see all students' monitors. Now for the cool part. When students
> turn to the front of the room, provide a table which overhangs the
> computers on the riser in front of them. They can use this for taking
> notes when the teacher lectures. The advantage is obvious. You can teach
> something, with all of them facing the front of the room, a note-taking
> surface easily available, and then have them turn around and immediately
> try what you just taught. Switching from lecture to lab only takes long
> enough for the students to swivel their chairs.
> Alas, given the custom carpentry involved, it's probably a dream.
> Todd
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