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[K12OSN] Creating a repository in a K12LTSP server

Hi colleagues

For the district's Science Fair I was asked to help create a repository
account where students from each school could login into a pre-assigned
folder using given accounts/pwds, and upload their digital
presentations. The idea is to provide each student with an area where
they can keep their presentations, and on the day of the event (held at
a local university) we take the server, set up 20-30 laptops connected
via a couple of switches, and have the students download their
presentations when the judges call their name.

So far I've created the names of the schools in the home directory
(home/schoolA, schoolB, etc) and using webmin and an algorithm for six
character unique passwords, I've batched-created S(chool)Amascot1,
SAmascot2, SAmascot3 (see http://links.episd.org/users2.txt for a
working Webmin batch file example) and they reside
in /home/schoolA/SAmascot1, /home/SchoolA/SAmascot2... The end result is
that each participating student has an area in her/his school's folder,
and access it with a unique login and a unique password. 

What I am having a hard time doing is making these files be accessible
via a firefox ftp call: ftp://SAmascot1:A1B2C3 I P Address needs to take
that user to her/his folder, w/o access to any other schools/folders.
Each school folder was chmoded (with the sticky bit on) to 700, and each
folder (home account) inside the school's folder is chmoded to 770 w/o
sticky bit.

This works ok with ssh, but that's it. I can't get FTP started (vsftpd
generates one error after the next) - tried nfs and samba shares, w/o
much success either...

If it was your setup, how would you configure it? Suggestions welcomed!
Alan Hodson
El Paso ISD,TX

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