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Re: [K12OSN] using Apple Open Directory for authentication

On Wednesday 25 October 2006 22:35, Peter Scheie wrote:
> After digging into it a bit, I'm wondering if it's just a matter of
> running system-config-authentication and using the GUI tool to tell the
> linux server to use LDAP for user info and authentication, and point it
> to the AOD server in the configuration (?).
> Petre

Assuming that AOD is based on LDAP, it is important that the schema used 
contain what Linux needs. If AOD contains the objectclasses and attributes 
that are included in the Openldap "nis.schema" it should be possible for 
Linux to use it. A further potential issue is encryption. Does AOD use TLS or 
Kerberos? If so your Linux hosts will need to use it too.

The LDAP authentication in Linux is pretty flexible; if it weren't it couldn't 
use Active Directory. It may take some re-mapping of attributes, but it 
should be doable.

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