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Re: [K12OSN] Creating a repository in a K12LTSP server

Check out sshfs. Basically, it allows one to mount a remote file system over ssh. It runs in user space so regular, non-root users can use it. It uses fuse which is the mechanism used in LTSP 4.2 to provide Local Device Access to USB sticks on the dekstop, etc. You don't need anything on the remote server other than ssh which you said you've already got. If the name of the remote directory is the same as the user's ID on the local machine, you could easily create a script or a launcher that sets it up, passing the user ID as a parameter, and then the user can just click on an icon to access the files.


Alan Hodson wrote:
Hi colleagues

For the district's Science Fair I was asked to help create a repository
account where students from each school could login into a pre-assigned
folder using given accounts/pwds, and upload their digital
presentations. The idea is to provide each student with an area where
they can keep their presentations, and on the day of the event (held at
a local university) we take the server, set up 20-30 laptops connected
via a couple of switches, and have the students download their
presentations when the judges call their name.

So far I've created the names of the schools in the home directory
(home/schoolA, schoolB, etc) and using webmin and an algorithm for six
character unique passwords, I've batched-created S(chool)Amascot1,
SAmascot2, SAmascot3 (see http://links.episd.org/users2.txt for a
working Webmin batch file example) and they reside
in /home/schoolA/SAmascot1, /home/SchoolA/SAmascot2... The end result is
that each participating student has an area in her/his school's folder,
and access it with a unique login and a unique password.
What I am having a hard time doing is making these files be accessible
via a firefox ftp call: ftp://SAmascot1:A1B2C3 I P Address needs to take
that user to her/his folder, w/o access to any other schools/folders.
Each school folder was chmoded (with the sticky bit on) to 700, and each
folder (home account) inside the school's folder is chmoded to 770 w/o
sticky bit.

This works ok with ssh, but that's it. I can't get FTP started (vsftpd
generates one error after the next) - tried nfs and samba shares, w/o
much success either...

If it was your setup, how would you configure it? Suggestions welcomed!
Alan Hodson
El Paso ISD,TX

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