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Re: [K12OSN] FC5 now legacy?

On Thu, 2006-10-26 at 08:08 -0400, John Lucas wrote:
> On Thursday 26 October 2006 08:06, Michael Blinn wrote:
> > > I can still update packages from the other repositories as long as I skip
> > > the broken "core" with the yum "--disablerepo=core" flag. I just hope
> > > they fix the problem soon.
> >
> > The "problem" to which you refer is thousands of people hitting the
> > servers simultaneously.
> >
> > It can be "fixed" by following the first link on the front page of
> > fedorasolved.org - using lesser-hit mirror lists will let you pick up
> > the proper mirrors.
> >
> > -Michael
> >
> Actually there is more to it than the sites being overwhelmed with traffic. 
> When attempting to download FC6 I didn't get a "timed out" message, I got a 
> "404" (not found) message. The mirrors work because their networks aren't 
> being re-arranged.
> The same problem is being seen at the fedora legacy respositories (I have and 
> FC4 machine that uses it). I think that Fedora and RedHat are moving the 
> location of many websites.

There was a Denial of service attack at the same time as the download
rush which caused a bit of havoc and precipitated some shifting of
resources around to distribute the load but it should be straightened
out now.


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