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Re: [K12OSN] recommended webmail server OT

Check out qmailrocks.  It lives up to it's name. Admins can create
accounts with it's vqadmin  web-interface.  I wouldn't let users
create their own accounts from there (or at all personally) because
all account passwords (including postmaster) are viewable in the


On 10/27/06, James  P  Schwankl <schwankl chatham k12 nc us> wrote:
Hey all,

I know email servers have been discussed before, but I'm looking for a specific feature and wondered if folks had any suggestions.

What we'd like is an open source (and Free as in beer) webmail server that allows users to create their own email accounts via some kind of an account creation page. (Much like the webmail giants (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc)) Does the latest SME-server have this?

Thanks in advance.



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