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[K12OSN] root-path or dhcp issue but only after 2nd client connection


Burn't the latest iso's and installed.  Seems to work fine, first client boot 
and I can login and browse the web etc.

When I shutdown the client and restart it, I get the  root-path or another 
dhcp error.  Not matter how many times I reboot the client, this error 
occurs.  I have removed the ethernet cable to the network (internet side) to 
eliminate the dhcp issue  ie. ping yahoo.com  get responses remove cable, no 
more pings etc.  but the root-path issue still occurs.

I have re-installed and the same thing happens.  It works on the first client 
boot, but if I shutdown that client and restart it, it fails ????

I browsed google and changed the dhcpd.conf script but to no avail, and I 
don't understand why it would work the first time, but not the subsequent 

Clues please.


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