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Re: [K12OSN] root-path or dhcp issue but only after 2nd client connection

My guess is that you have another DHCP server on the same network.

Possibly a cable modem/router, or a windows box, or another linux box
serving up DHCP to the network.

The first time you boot the client, the "other" dhcp server is slow to
respond, probably because it's swapped out or something. So, the first
request is the 'wakeup call', and by the time you reboot the thin client,
the "other" dhcp server is ready to answer requests, and it's beating your
LTSP dhcp server to the punch.

That's my guess anyway.

To really test it, make sure you completely isolate your LTSP server and
your client.  Make sure there's nothing else on that physical network, and
try booting the client.

Also, any chance you have both eth0 and eth1 of the server plugged into
the same network switch?

Jim McQuillan
jam Ltsp org

On Sat, October 28, 2006 10:45 am, marrandy wrote:
> Hello.
> Burn't the latest iso's and installed.  Seems to work fine, first client
> boot
> and I can login and browse the web etc.
> When I shutdown the client and restart it, I get the  root-path or another
> dhcp error.  Not matter how many times I reboot the client, this error
> occurs.  I have removed the ethernet cable to the network (internet side)
> to
> eliminate the dhcp issue  ie. ping yahoo.com  get responses remove cable,
> no
> more pings etc.  but the root-path issue still occurs.
> I have re-installed and the same thing happens.  It works on the first
> client
> boot, but if I shutdown that client and restart it, it fails ????
> I browsed google and changed the dhcpd.conf script but to no avail, and I
> don't understand why it would work the first time, but not the subsequent
> times.
> Clues please.
> --
> Regards...Martin
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