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Re: [K12OSN] root-path or dhcp issue but only after 2nd client connection

On Saturday 28 October 2006 11:05, Jim McQuillan wrote:
> My guess is that you have another DHCP server on the same network.

No !  I already disconnect that to disprove it.

> To really test it, make sure you completely isolate your LTSP server and
> your client.  Make sure there's nothing else on that physical network, and
> try booting the client.
> Also, any chance you have both eth0 and eth1 of the server plugged into
> the same network switch?

No !  I have a 4-port switch sitting on top of the server (actually an 2 year 
old workstation and the client sitting next to it.  As I already said, the 
internet cable is disconnected and there is only one left going to the 4-way 
switch which then goes to the client.  I see the bootup of the client, some 
files transferred and then it stalls with the message.


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